Macra-Points Quick Start Guide

The FREE Macra-Points Rewards & Referral Program is designed to reward loyal Macraband customers like you! The program enables you to earn points in a number of ways which translates into discounts!

When you place an order on, you will be required to create an account. This will automatically enroll you in the Macra‑Points program. You can of course create an account at any time before placing an order. With an account on, you will be able to log in and see your order history including both your wrist and watch measurements, so you don’t have to re‑measure each time you place an order. It will also give you access to the Macra-Points Rewards program.

Let's Get Started!

If you haven't already, create an account on right HERE or click the customer login icon at the top of any page. menu bar-customer login icon circled
Not sure if you have an account or forgot your password? Click “forgot your password” on the customer login page and we will email you a reset link if you have an account. If you see the message, "no account found with that email", then please create an account.


How do Macra-Points Work?

How To Accumulate Points 

  • Create an account: Instantly get 50 points
  • Receive 2 points per $1 spent on any Macraband watchband, with or without a watch
  • Follow/like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: get 30 points for each
  • Share a post on Facebook or Twitter: get 10 points for each
  • Provide your birthday: get 100 points (good for 30 days)
  • Refer a friend: get a massive 600 points!
  • As you reach each level you can redeem your points or let them accumulate to get to a greater discount!

What You Get for Your Points

  • 140 Points: Free Shipping
  • 300 Points: $15 off your next purchase
  • 450 Points: $20 off your next purchase
  • 600 Points: $25 off your next purchase
  • 1200 Points: $50 off your next purchase
  • 1800 Points: $75 off your next purchase
  • 2400 Points: $100 off your next purchase

How to Refer a Friend

  • Log into
  • Click the Rewards icon in the lower right corner of any page on
Macraband Rewards Program Icon
  • Scroll until you see “refer a friend” and click it to display your referral link.
  • Send your friends this link via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • They will receive a $25 discount code to use on any macraband watchband purchase.
  • When they make their purchase, we will automatically add 600 Macra-Points, the equivalent of $25 off, to be used on your next order of any Macraband watchband.

Even Better: Refer four friends, bank your points (accruing 2400 points), and get a $100 off any Macraband watchband of your choice! Depending on what you choose, it could be free! (excluding tax, shipping and handling)

To learn more about the program, check out the Macra-Points FAQ page.