Sometimes I Even Surprise Myself

February 11, 2019

Each week, before the Macraband of the Week is announced, I make a sample (if I don't already wear that particular color combo) and my husband takes some pictures of me wearing that Macraband.  We call these lifestyle photos.

With Valentine’s Day this Thursday, I thought it only appropriate to highlight one of our red Macrabands. Style 104K is a solid red band with oval shaped glass red beads with gold plated edging. It's really a beautiful band.


It never occurred to me that it would be a band I would wear, that is until I put it on my wrist. The cord is an absolutely gorgeous, vibrant red and the limited edition beads are quite beautiful.  The thing is, I always thought, oddly enough, the red would be too bold and I don't wear much gold so I never considered making this one for myself.

As we were taking the photos I kept looking at the band and thinking to myself how truly stunning this Macraband is. Then I started thinking how much I like the color red, then I thought how lovely gold and red are together, then I started thinking why don't I already have this band in my personal stash?

So now I do!

If you are interested in purchasing the current MOW, you can do so here.  It is available in both narrow and wide, with or without a watch.

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