Two Cotton Face Mask Bundle

Save $5 by purchasing this two face mask bundle.

In response to the CDC's new recommendation to wear masks while in public, we are now making masks available to our customers.

All masks are handmade from a double layer of 100% cotton fabric and elastic to secure around the ears.  Each side will have a different, complementary fabric.  Select the one you prefer to wear on the outside.

I have a mixed bag of fabric colors and patterns. If you would like to select the fabric for the front of your mask, click here to see what is available.  Please indicate your top three choices in the "Note to Macraband" field in the Shopping Cart when you place your order.  Of course you can also be surprised!

As the CDC recommends, these masks should be washed after each use.

Please see our blog post for information on how to properly put on and clean the mask. 

Read testimonials from customers about our cotton face masks.

** For health reasons, masks are not returnable. **

Please Note: While the CDC now recommends wearing a mask in public, it is meant as a temporary solution to slow the spread of the virus. It is NOT an N-95 mask that is worn by healthcare professionals and first responders. It is however the type recommended by the CDC for the general public. Please continue to follow all recommended guidelines.